Nacho Daddy Variety Hour

Kami Desliets host the
Nacho Daddy Variety Hour every Sunday!
Join us at 7 pm
and watch all of Vallarta's stage artists
as they share their hidden talents,
and audience favorites at the new entertainers playground
Upstairs at Nacho Daddy!
A brand new show every week!
Always something different, and full of surprises!
What will they come up with next?
Sundays 7pm
Upstairs at
Nacho Daddy
$350 pesos
SUN DEC 22- I'll be hosting The Nacho Daddy Variety Hour at 7pm as we celebrate the holidays, Tammy's birthday, and the last Variety Hour of the season.
(Don't worry, we'll be back in 2020.)
Featured Guests: Hannah Brady, Amy Armstrong, Mary Porter, Piel Canela & Girls Night Out! with our friends Maria Rose, Ben Sures, Tropp & AJ, The Kinsey Sicks, and Mr. cookiepants.
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Nacho Daddy

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