Sunday March 1st at 7pm,

Nacho Daddy Variety Hour

Bonds of Love proudly presents:

Sunday March 1, the Nacho Daddy Variety Hour presents a fun filled night of grab bag entertainment! Join your hosts Kami Desilets & Derek Carkner with featured musical guest Mark Hartman on piano, MAC nominated & NYC Glam Award winner Prescott Seymour (Sutton Lee Seymour), the Interplanetary Extraordinary Aquarius Funkk, and the smooth dulcet tones of Enrique De Allende. A night not to miss, and a show you'll never see again! You never know what's going to happen at the Nacho Daddy Variety Hour, so get your tickets now!

Host Kami Desilets & Derek Carkner 

This Weeks Players


Nacho Daddy

287 Basilio Badillo

322 688 5566

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