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Super Beetle in Guadalajara

Guadalajara is my happy place.

I tend to spend a lot of time in Tlaquepaque and Tonalá when i have time off.

I love the art, the mariachi music and of course the shopping.

Nacho Daddy was closed the week after easter so of course I planned a spring road trip. Booked our Motel rooms at the same motel we've stayed at for 14 or 15 years now. We were excited to try the new tollway, I made a new playlist put our route into the Waze app. It estimated the trip would be a little over 4 hours.

This trip we started so organized. We bought a little cooler for the road, filled it with Coca-colas, water we even made sandwiches for the road. The morning starts out great, up early had coffee, watched Donald pack the car😁, got our V-8 ready for the road, got the house watcher/animal sitter acclimated and we were on the road.

Playlist going, were speeding along, talking about our plans for Guadalajara, we just got onto the newest part of the Tollway and the car started acting funky, We were on a long stretch of road and cars were zooming by. The car would not go forward any more. We saw a some guys a little ahead of us working on the side of the road and there was a small pull off place on the side of the road where their truck was parked. We pulled in and started calling our wonderful friends to help us figure out what to do. BTW we were 2 ½ hours into the trip. We got ahold of Sean he stopped what he was doing & came and picked us up, Rosie and Bill made calls for a tow truck and "Hugo the Man" came with Sean and waited for the tow truck and got it to the right place. We unloaded our car and put it all into Seans car and we were off back to PV. We called the house sitter and told were we were on our way home.

The VW was down near the restaurant so Sean dropped us and our stuff off (He had dinner reservations, I'm sure he was a few minutes late). We loaded up the VW and made it home just in time for the house sitters to gather up their stuff and go home. We relaxed a little and discussed going to Guadalajara on the airplane or the two story bus. After dinner and a drink Donald said lets take the VW.

Now the VW is a 72 Super Beetle that has been in the shop getting a new motor, paint job, new electric wires..... it had 543 mile on the new engine and not been on any road trips. Like ground hog day we started the day exactly like the precious day. We rolled down the windows, stopped & filled the little VW with gas and got on the road.

72 VW on a road trip
72 VW on a road trip

We did not take the Tollway we went the back way though Mascota. It was a much slower drive than the day before. It really felt like a road trip. We stopped for gas and had our sandwiches in the parking lot with an amazing view.

We made it to Guadalajara with no problems. Pulling into GLD there was road construction that held up traffic up for quite awhile. We got to our little Motel safe and had a great night sleep.

Next time photos, food, finding new places....

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